CarbonVgripper by Mousse Process
Carbon Vacuum Gripper for robotic
4 Videos of projects with our grippers

Carbon Vacuum gripper - 2017 innovation for robotics by Mousse Process

Mousse process developped in 2017 the first vacuum gripper in carbon : the CarbonV.gripper.
Originally designed to serve the cobot industry, the carbonV.gripper quickly finds its market in the traditionnal robotics.
After just 3 years, the idea prove to be a succes with already several hundred of projects served.
To stay competitive and flexible, we have our own machines to work with carbon.
Located 50km south of Paris, Mousse process is a french fast growing company with strong knowledge and expertise in Foam Vaccum Technology.

The CarbonV.gripper opens new possibilities for robotics. Ask us for your future robotics and cobots integration projets.

International Development

Mousse Process works on international development and looks for robotics integrators worldwide, introduced on specific market and with recognition on this market.

We look curently for partners and integrators in the food industry, plastic injection industry, thermoforming industry, wood and panel industry, metal stamping industry, packaging industry and intralogistic.

We offer a strong support in many field to help you to serve your clients with solutions they thought were impossible to solve.

As an inovative company, we will market other breaking news innovations for the robotic gripper in the years to come.