CarbonVgripper by Mousse Process
Carbon Vacuum Gripper for robotic
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Carbon Vacuum gripper - Bespoke ultra light gripper

Ultralight gripper less than 1,5kg, Lifting capacity : over 60kg.

As an ultra-thin gripper manufacturer, Mousse Process helps you to improve your production equipments and to integrate our solution in your machines.

Layer carbon vacuum gripper - Mousse process opens new possibilities for intralogistic

Powerfull vacuum gripper : gripper weight 9 kg,
Lifting capacity : over 320 kg.

Mousse process manufactures full layer 1000 x 2000 vacumm grippers and far more.

As for our solutions in your process.

Multi Zone gripper to handle differently your product seized.
You can for example put aside the product wich don't fit your quality requirments.

CarbonV.gripper : Carbon robotic gripper by Mousse process.

CarbonV.gripper : Carbon robotic gripper by Mousse process. Sideview